Final Rating: 3.77. Finished 121 out of 206 entries.

351 views including the voting period.


Animator: Maysa Bogheiri

Description: The weirdest lines for a proposal!

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: total of 12 hours


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Brent Forrest:

Pretty creepy stuff. Poses could be a bit more interesting, think silohuette next time. Turn off all lights and see how it plays as a black silohuette. 6/10

Tobias Fuhr:

what you made at "outside" putting a close mouth at the end is important to close the word. has a lot of words without close mouths

David Krein:

Feels like a few motions completed before the idea was conveyed, and the end face while a wonderful rendition of troll face feels a bit out of place for the idea :) Plus the ring choice for sphere/circle feels a bit odd to convey the differences.

Sandra Tapia:

Good facial expressions. Be careful with hand movements, they penetrate the table a little.

ben malberg:

Hahah that last pose cracked me up. It's a nice idea. There's some popping going on with the hand around f166. I think your weight shifting is posed out well, but the timing of when each part moves needs a little adjustment. For example the pose around f231 comes a bit late, I would lean into that pose a bit earlier.