Final Rating: 2.67. Finished 185 out of 206 entries.

365 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jonathan Ampiaw

Description: 2nd 11 second club submission! Still not perfect, but I feel its definitely better than the last one!

Experience: Student

Time taken: 3-4 days on and off


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Moy Parra:

all I could think of watching this was: OUCH!!

Pamela Rivera:

I think that you have a good start but you need to polish a little bit more the fluency of the character movements. For example, the arm that is following the dialogue is too blocky, specially when he draws in the air the sphere. Maybe you should exagerate the form of the arms and play a little bit more with the easy in's and out's of the arm.

ben malberg:

I like the hand gesture at around f62, the pose needs work. The character's left leg looks like it has no foot.

Sandra Tapia:

Nice idea. I think that lip sync animation needs a little more work.