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Dr Feel - February Submission

by Sara

Final Rating: 4.13. Finished 110 out of 200 entries.

472 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sara

Description: My first submission for the 11 second club. I am an animation student and I started this animation about a week ago. I decided to do a spoof on Dr. Phil with this particular sound clip.

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 8 days


(Commenting only available during the rating period)


I like the narrative, but it's still a bit floaty, and it seems like many parts of the character are moving at once. Clean up the movement in the arms, and I think this could have great potential!

Shelby Christie:

It took me a second to get it, but great idea! Hahaha.

April Slocombe:

Excellent poses, lip sync, facial work and animation throughout.

Marcin Kulpa:

older character ok but younger...his movement is too "quiet". thanks