Final Rating: 4.56. Finished 92 out of 200 entries.

508 views including the voting period.


Animator: Salvador Garcia Luque

Description: A guy is worried for some unknown reason about whatever he was working on in his computer. Then his boss bargains in and apparently he has to act like everything is fine and dandy. Which is obviously not, so he gets really anxious right there!

Experience: around 2 years

Time taken: around 46 hours


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Dmytro Kovkun:

Well Done. Only 2 things i dont like:
1 - frammes 140-143 - eyebrows moves too fast
2 - last pose is too emote.

April Slocombe:

A few jerky movements but the facial expressions and lip sync are exceptional. Most of the poses are good but Bill looks as if he is picking his nose towards the end.