Final Rating: 4.86. Finished 73 out of 200 entries.

579 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jean-Philippe Welsh

Description: A very intense hunter with his apprentice

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Robert Tighe:

Wow, it's a short film. Needs more weight. You could have sold us on the hat-guy's enthusiasm quicker.

Spencer Barber:

I like the movements, I just think things happen a little there is less gravity.

Kim Raymond:

The actual character animation is a little on the weak side


haha i love how he licks the tree! great! :)
his jumps looking a little bit to light.

Kristoffer Bjornor:

The part before the dialouge was better.

April Slocombe:

A bit too long but the lip sync and body animation is consistent throughout.

Genevieve Powzun:

Really nice story line to it! I do appreciate the effort gone into the back story of this one, really nice animation.


Big build up and nice animation when the trap snags him, but his poses as he is speaking are weak. Nice job though

Tadeusz Ciborowski:

What the hell ? lol

Stéphane Sartori:

The parts before and after the soundtrack are very good but I feel like you spent way less time on the part with the sound. I think you should focus on what's important in the shot that add more if you have time.
What I don't like about your shot is that Bill doens't seem to express any emotion while talking, especially at "bursting" where the voice suggests that the body moves as well.
However, your last move is reaaly good and we can really see the line of action!