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Department of magic & inc

by Laurent Page

Final Rating: 8.96. Finished 2 out of 126 entries.

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Animator: Laurent Page

Description: When such a big celebrity loses his magic ...

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 25 - 30 hours


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Soo good! Top 1

Davit Martirosyan:

Good one, top 3

Luis Antonio Meco:

wow!!! I looooove this animation!!! especially the moment when she rests her head on her hands and the final movement of her fingers!!

<3 <3

Richard Adams:

Oh, this is *suberb*!! Best one I've seen so far. Possible winner this month IMO. :) Love that facial expressiveness!

You Fu Qi:

smooth like smoothie


this was really good.


THIS ONE. this one is the winner. Amazing acting, timing and poses. 10/10

Jorge Zagatto Neto:

Do I see a winner? Excellent poses, polishing, and acting choices. I love her expressiveness and that wavy hand at the end!

The only two things I would say are:
1. the actual amount of overacting doesn't seem to fit the intention of the audio. It's nice and well-executed but voice-wise seems a bit off.

2. Choosing to go with a single framing for all the piece is nice as a study but risky in a contest because this way you end up having a weaker storytelling. It can cost you some stars. I hope not haha.

Great stuff!