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Photo on Christmas night

by Sirapat Sittidechdechakul, December Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.84. Finished 1 out of 96 entries.

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Animator: Sirapat Sittidechdechakul

Description: Two friends talking about photo on Christmas night.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 60hrs spread across 20 days after work


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Richard Adams:

Best entry I've seen so far this month. So many wonderful little touches in this one.

Subrata Kumar Bera:

SUPER...........No 1

Leonardo Rivera:

Great shot!

thinnakron deewong:


awesome animation....the last thing was really funny. The lip sync, the body movement...everything was good, great work.

Chong Wai Sheng:


Markos Adamakis:

Love it! The expressions are on point. Love the right hand and cheek interaction. I think this is a winner for sure

Bee Kai En:

feel very professional! Nice!

Deep Debnath:



Love the movement.