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Animator: Paraskevi Koutalou

Description: These clay monkeys discuss the results of their photo booth experience.

Experience: 6 years

Time taken: 2 days


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Lucia Caccavale:

Really funny! great job :)

Thomas Darmon-Sanger:

God damn... this must have been painstaking to make in order for it THIS expressive! Good job!!!

Richard Adams:

Pretty incredible stop motion. Animation is sooo smooth! Could've pushed the body mechanics more, more body movement and gesturing. But the subtlety of facial expressiveness is amazing.

Leonardo Rivera:

I like the concept and impressed with that you did. Only wish there was more of a change in their poses to reflect their emotions.

Bee Kai En:

very good feel very professional

Mario Galán:

Love the style


Is this really stop motion? Looks like a motion captured 3d animation. So good; top 5 for sure.