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Gonna be here alll night

by Justin Jenkins

Final Rating: 8.13. Finished 2 out of 96 entries.

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Animator: Justin Jenkins

Description: 2D really weally rough animation

Experience: 10 years mostly storyboarding

Time taken: 6 days


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Lucia Caccavale:

Amazing animation! :)

Sirapat Sittidechdechakul:

I love your animation!

Adele E:

I love this! It's full of life and very expressive, without going over the top. Definitely one of my favorites!

Leonardo Rivera:

Great job on that laugh! I like your expressions as well. I think you couldve held him in his last pose so we could read the line before they disappear behind the curtain.

Chong Wai Sheng:

might as well dont do


Wow! Top five for sure. The two people walking past the camera in the beginning was a nice addition in my opinion.

Timmy Kwee:

Really nice, however the other characters running across the screen at the beginning is abit distracting.