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They just wanted dinner, Dad

by Samantha de G.

Final Rating: 5.10. Finished 36 out of 52 entries.

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Animator: Samantha de G.

Description: A collie is upset to find out there aren't any holiday dinner specials left for him to bring home to his pups.

Still a WIP, I knew I wasn't going to have time this month to finish but wanted to experiment with a few things such as the layout.

Experience: BFA in Animation

Time taken: ~5 days on layout, a week on animating if that I think?


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Richard Adams:

One of the best entries this month. Top 5.
Too bad that side character doesn't move at all. Lost points for that. Search youtube for "moving holds".

J.K. Riki:

This is a fantastic start! I hope you'll keep going with it, because it could be a stellar piece if you finished it. Well done, keep at it!