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what am i gonna tell the kids

by Karena Coronado

Final Rating: 4.14. Finished 48 out of 52 entries.

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Animator: Karena Coronado

Description: Christmas Angel tells Lunar the cat/babysitter that the kids are on the naughty list

Experience: 2nd year at a 2 year college as an animation major

Time taken: 2 weeks


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ro crown:

Keep at it as this is very likeable and the shots are clean and clear, as to what the characters are doing and the motivation of what they are doing and the reason why, from a camera viewpoint....We wanna see more from you and thanks bunches for this entry...thanks!!!!!!!

Daniel Meakes:

Could be cleaner and save room for pauses in the movement. It's difficult to keep up in parts.

J.K. Riki:

Not a bad start! One suggestion is to work on your forms more first and only move on to clean lines once things are super working on the rough level. That should help things be even better in the end. Good luck with your next entry!