Final Rating: 6.73. Finished 8 out of 52 entries.

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Animator: Johannes Wipfelder

Description: had no time to clean it bc of Christmas lol

Experience: i'm an animation student :)

Time taken: 1 week


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Aaron James Mongcopa:

good 2D! top 3.

ro crown:

Very likable, and yea...i wanna see more entries from you and i see the growth of a grand story teller who knows how to move a character around for the right ways, and for the right reasons....thanks!!!! and hope to seeya inna next one or more competitions!!!

Quinn Dickenson:

I really like the exaggerated motions

Joshua Morley:

Really like the punchy feel of this one, and use of poses to display emotion (like pulling his face down). Only nitpick is the final one, just feels forced and unnecessary

Ben Zingo:

some of the poses are pretty solid, but seems like there's too many acting decisions, it gets a little rushed

J.K. Riki:

Good job handling consistency and form! Appealing design, too. I don't think you need the extreme of the "pulled a knife" pose, it is a nice pose but doesn't feel like it fits. Overall well done.