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Ode to a Disenchanted Christmas

by Cola Dunn

Final Rating: 4.85. Finished 38 out of 52 entries.

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Animator: Cola Dunn

Description: It is to be learned that disappointing some children carries more weight than others.

Experience: 5

Time taken: 25 days


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Joshua Morley:

I can see this person has a good grasp of 2D animation, but half of the scene was cut out for a joke. I laughed, but it removed half of the animation, which is the whole reason for these exercises.

ro crown:

So wherez de knife, as one or both twins could pull one or start to pull one out....to make this an even more effective story line gag as it were...and why not do a fast closeup to the house showing the twins, and add more animation, with or without the ease in and outs required for full and precise realism animation.
Then again, if ya ran outta time type of thing, [ and it happens ].....then it is forgiven ...anyways thanks for entring this one and hope ta see more from you

gave this a 5 stars.