Final Rating: 6.31. Finished 15 out of 59 entries.

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Animator: kimyuran

Description: The little fairy pretends to be a fairy, but humans treat them as bugs and try to kill them.

Experience: 4 year

Time taken: 5 day


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one of my favorite !
I really like the animation of the little Elf.

Richard Adams:

That swatting at the end, came off as shocking and mean, rather than funny. Would've given this a higher score otherwise.

Kyra Simone:

Ah, got a gasp out of me! This one is actually really, really impressive. A creative character dynamic, between CLEAR characters with oodles of subtle building moments that play off of each-other magnificently. The animation is already at a professional level. Great work.

Elisabeth Janerka:

Wow that turned dark.

Owen Khang:

The lil guy's acting is soo beautiful.


lol. interesting