Final Rating: 6.92. Finished 8 out of 59 entries.

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Animator: JiHyeon Kim

Description: He pretended to be an elf.

Experience: Student

Time taken: 2 weeks


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The acting and curves are so good.


I love the camera !

Aaron James Mongcopa:

nice animation. the acting works.

Kyra Simone:

Nice and bouncy! It works well with the excited kid at the beginning but gets a little overkill with the settle at frame 189. Elf's expressions are very strong.

Darren Evander:

you can fix some lypsinc of the girl,but aside of that really good aniamtion.

Jerry Lau:

Great work!!!

Elisabeth Janerka:

Nice animation

Owen Khang:

top 3 hands down. Capture the emotions amazingly


good stuff. Theres some disconnect between the girl and the man, not sure what it is.

FRame 74 somewhere around there where he says "Im" lip sync is off

Zac Eriah:

The gestures are really natural and the character design too!