Final Rating: 4.68. Finished 36 out of 59 entries.

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Animator: Aida Martín

Description: I´ve focused on making the movements as clear as possible...

Experience: I´m a student (second year)

Time taken: 2 weeks (in the evenings)


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Richard Adams:

Beautifully animated. But the drawings feel so unfinished, so much so it's difficult at times to even see the animation at all. Not quite able to finish in time, eh? The finished frames are superb. Beautiful, appealing character designs.

ro crown:

Gave this a 7 star...please keep it up and do enter many more compeptitions please!!!!

Jerry Lau:

I can see you've done the lip syncs, unfortunate it seems not enough time for you to refine the drawings, keep it up!!!


good lipsync. Just a bit more work. Inbetweens, slow in and outs