Final Rating: 6.50. Finished 12 out of 59 entries.

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Animator: Leonardo Pereira

Description: At Christmas time there is no time for a break

Experience: not enough

Time taken: 4 days


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The facial animation is very good ! but the lypsing and the dialogue are shifted...

Aaron James Mongcopa:

the intro is too long. but nice concept.

Jerry Lau:

The elf acting was awesome!!! Maybe just a few things, especially in the second shot that may affected the whole quality of the animation.

When the elf turns , the elf head should lead the body instead of the body lead his head. And when he is waving off the smoke, his chest and shoulder doesn't move, make it looks disconnected to the body. Also the left hand seems moved too fast in order to match the next shot.

Overall the animation was great, you did a great job!!!

Carolina Årnäs:

The smoking part, in the beginning, was great. Very nice overall :)

Anna Eivör:

It is funny, nice work