Final Rating: 4.57. Finished 38 out of 59 entries.

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Animator: Romantra

Description: A girl encounters an elf after collecting a basket of flowers.

Experience: 2.5 years

Time taken: A few hours over 3 days.


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Christi Clausen:

The first part is a little confusing as to what exactly is happening but I like the idea overall. Perhaps adding some more detail so that the audience can tell where this is taking place?

ro crown:

Love the ruffness, but the first shot of him looking down seems as if he is looking up and that confuses the audience...anyways good luck with future competitions!!!


The angles and camera moves are original and interesting but make it hard to understand what’s going on. I would say it’s better to choose a more traditional setting and focus on the quality and fluidity of the animation before moving on to use more complicated angles.

Elisabeth Janerka:

That first shot is quite hard to read.

Katie Steuernagel:

The climbing movement is well done, but the staging and facial expressions are pretty confusing due to how messy the animation is. I would suggest taking more time to clean up the lines. Keep it up!


you're headed in the right direction.
add more In-betweens, slow in and outs. Work on the Animation fundamentals.
keep studying and just keep working on it

Zac Eriah:

Their actions whilst talking is really natrual and realistic! Just wow!