Final Rating: 7.00. Finished 6 out of 59 entries.

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Animator: Don

Description: Who is the one gonna defend the house from thieves?

Experience: Junior Animator

Time taken: 2 wks


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Sick animation chops

Richard Adams:

The facial expressiveness here is superb, perhaps the best of all entries this month. Body mechanics, also excellent. The idea, burglar and little girl with gun, doesn't quite work for me. Doesn't fit the emotional tone of the audio. Lighting could be brighter. Extremely well animated though. Lots of visual appeal.

Kyra Simone:

I gasped, congratulations. Very strong, subtle expressions, especially at 112. (though I would hold on it longer.) Anticipation very strong as well. The 'S' and 'V' mouth shapes could be more exaggerated during lip sync! Sometimes characters seem to stop talking before the voice clip ends. (185, 249...) Overall, very strong!

Jerry Lau:

Great job!!! Great storytelling!!! It's fun to watch. It's the only one I loop to see again and again

My favourite this month


nah...this is super awesome!

Zac Eriah:

The story behind this is clear and very funny! And great animation!