Final Rating: 5.73. Finished 16 out of 92 entries.

4,094 views including the voting period.


Animator: Stefan

Description: Couple has an argue about healthy food

Experience: I started studying animation recently

Time taken: 16-18 hours


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Andrew Lawson:

I love the character designs and posing. It'd be awesome to see this one fleshed out!

Jamie F:


Aaron James Mongcopa:

Nice poses, too bad you didn't finish the animation. This could've been something amazing.

doris morris:

gave u an 8 rating,,,but because of the limited on 6's that u did, we could have given u an see ya next competiton with entry on twos and ones where appropeate....

glen christie:

really nice key poses, would be great to see it finished!

talha bin khalid:

Nice Keyframes