Final Rating: 7.41. Finished 5 out of 92 entries.

33,028 views including the voting period.


Animator: daniel forsgren

Description: Two friends talking about what is ok to have on the dinner plate at a diner.

Experience: hobby level character animator for 10y

Time taken: around 30h


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Ivan Mendoza:

Love it!

Andrew Lawson:

Love this style! Did you use the stop-motion blender shader on it?

Z S:

Not gonna lie, I actually thought this was claymation at first. Amazing render!

Lam Vivian:

so cute!

Toby Leung:

loved this! very interesting visually! is this CG or stop motion?

Jamie F:

I know it's not part of the animation, but the render is lovely. Also, nice stop motion style too.

Aaron James Mongcopa:

Animation style is awesome, lyp sync can be polished more though.