Final Rating: 8.10. Finished 2 out of 92 entries.

554,642 views including the voting period.


Animator: Phongsakorn Khamchaisu

Description: a couple lost in the wood. They have to find something to eat to survive.

Experience: 2 Year

Time taken: 1 Week


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Brett Tunnicliff:

this is nice acting, one of my favorites on this round

daniel forsgren:

Very nice executed animation, suttle but powerful moves. Good work!

srikanth k:

nice animation



Toby Leung:

great acting

Aaron James Mongcopa:

There should've been a scene where the two of them are together to establish their positions. But overall, amazing, possible winner I think. :)

Young-Chul Chun:

Nice acting with the great staging! Very nice!!!

Donald Marks:

This is really excellent!

The subtlety of the eye movements really grabbed me, and the calmer performance from the 1st character helped emphasize her reaction. Great stuff.

The only thing keeping this from an 11 star for me is I think pushing some of the eye shapes on the females reaction a bit would really help sell those great expressions. That's really my only major critique.


Great work, my fave for December. I felt the body movement was just the right amount (as in not over the top exaggerations etc...) and matched the dialogue. I think the eye movements really made it for me, really on point and bolstered the dialogue. Well done.

Saourav AS:

Pwoliii.... Awesome Animation :D