Final Rating: 2.92. Finished 81 out of 93 entries.

784 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mick

Description: The Franklin rig is created by Artella.

Ray, courtesy of CGTarian Online School.

Experience: Beginner and student

Time taken: 4 weeks


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Shreyas Dutta:

i believe this would need more refining , Though i believe that the camera angles were good

Alberto Fernandez:

Most noticeable things: the hands need more detail, specially the fingers, there's too much stiffness in general (the orange character however looks better than the rest from 174 to 218), the heads should move more in relation to the neck as well. Apart from the timing in general, check for instance the hands, like in 22, that's a very tense hand rotation, try to do it yourself to note :>).
Some unnatural poses too, like left guy at 81 ( to me you should move the shoulders more perhaps); or orange guy from 106 to 111, the hand appears from nowhere. You could emphasize the antics to make such movements more understandable, and think of the body as a chain of connections where raising a hand for instance requires even a slight force from the hip. I'm a learner too, so don't dispair :Y

John Tyson:

The lip sync could use some work and the body movement doesn't seem to have much weight. The choice of action seems good though.