Final Rating: 6.62. Finished 5 out of 93 entries.

17,093 views including the voting period.


Animator: jf barthelemy

Description: Our homeless hero has an argument with his dog, Phil Davis.

Experience: 8 years

Time taken: Christmas holiday (around 10-12 hours)


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Shreyas Dutta:

No comments , its better than i can ever imagine or plan out , just WOW


One of the best " Why Not" I have seen so far !


Great ! Love it !


Nice one!

Shamel Esmaeil:

Nice work! The line quality is not as good as the animation, but overall it's a pretty good piece and I enjoyed watching it!


Loved it

Samuel Couffe:

Hello ! The animation is really great but more than that, I really love the story you are telling. In the end I assume this is a part of good animation but there are feelings going on in this work. We can feel the characters and imagine what what they've been through... At least I did :) Nice work and I wish you a happy new year full of success.


O super.. I njoy every bit of it.. nice body language... Great work..