Final Rating: 5.73. Finished 14 out of 93 entries.

6,591 views including the voting period.


Animator: feloz

Description: A nice guy tries to help another by fixing his tractor, but the true help is his friendship.

Experience: 10 months

Time taken: 45h spread over the month


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Tai Beaumont:

Nice movements. I think the composition of this could be more dynamic. There is a clear dividing line in the center that creates an empty space the whole time.

Alberto Fernandez:

It's smooth, somehow I feel it would have benefited in general if the characters were swapped, and giving the main one a bit more of nerve. It's nice. For pointing out something else, the "why not" pose is a bit too common for my taste too.

jf barthelemy:

good! I really like the guy on the left. The intentions at the beginning are not super clear I think.

Ribhav Kumar Nautiyal:

i loved your animation... just one thing bothers me... that the guy on the left with green shirt.. he could be more into the scene with little bit of exaggeration in his posses... bt overall.. i am impressed... keep it up