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Taking a friend for granted

by Kerem

Final Rating: 3.98. Finished 57 out of 93 entries.

518 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kerem

Description: but he wants some alone time

Experience: 3rd year student

Time taken: about 45 hours


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Alberto Fernandez:

Would have liked to see this worked further. The lipsynch seems a bit off, but I guess it's the sound channel badly placed on the video. I like the "why not" poses, as if brown guy is under the blue one, but then the blue guy points his finger at 163 and that pose lacks force, apart from the silhouette being confuse. The antics are there recognizable, and it looks you need more work on this.
Also, from 49 to 64, brown character loses a bit of equilibrium, it looks like he's going to fall. Seems a nice start imo, keep up.

Satish Kumar:

Finish and upload anyway, going good.


Nice, but animation should be less choppy.