Final Rating: 3.09. Finished 75 out of 93 entries.

525 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mina

Description: A bird tries consulting his frog friend. The frog is not pleased with uninvited company.

This animation was done at around 20 fps. I used Krita and Windows Movie Maker to draw and compile the drawings.

Experience: Not a professional animator. I started about 4 years ago

Time taken: About a week and a half (would've taken longer if the inbetweens were completed)


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Alberto Fernandez:

To my eyes, the bird moves a bit too much when he's not talking at the beginning; and you have a change of plane, aka the frog is at the left side of the screen for us, but at a moment from, 201 on, you put the camera behind the frog and the bird apears at his side of the image.

Mina :

As the creator of this entry, I feel like the lipsnc could've been more in time, as I struggle with timing in general. However, this is the most exaggerated I've animated a character. I hope to do more of the 11 second club prompts!