Final Rating: 6.59. Finished 8 out of 118 entries.

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Animator: Gerben Brandsma

Description: A Police officer faces the head of a criminal organisation alone, which may have been a bad idea.

Experience: Recently graduated from an education in Animation Design.

Time taken: About 20 to 30 hours.


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Nick Kondo:

The acting and context were a little hard to understand but these are really great drawings!

Karl Pontau:

The police officer's shoulders are very bouncy. Were you trying to show the breaths in and out? I love the character design for the boos and goon. The officer's final pose doesn't make sense to me. The boss stops moving before the end of shot one, which breaks the believability of the scene.

Clara Myers:

Love the sly appeal of the villain! The background is a perfect setup for the situation. The only thing I;d adjust is when he slams his hand onto the table. It feels a smidge out of place

Jasmine Keith:

Your characters are excellently designed and stay on model throughout! Unfortunately, you seem to have far too many shoulder shrugs from frame 72 to 140. Also, the second character's angry, accusatory attitude at the end doesn't seem to match up with the dialogue. It's unfortunate you've got these awkward spots because otherwise it's a very good animation!


Character design was good for this one. The boss seems shady. I feel like the last pose for the younger character is a little aggressive for the situation and the lip sync could be looked at some more. Also the characters never pause. Some natural pauses would help readability Sometimes the shapes just seem a little off. Overall there is a clear story in this one though and that is important.

Evelyn Hernandez:

this is great. I love the designs and camera choices. It all works really well together


Solid drawing and style! However I found the pose around the "to learn" (around frame 220 on) part did not match the situation or did not lead up to it correctly. The sheriff is pointing an accusing finger at him when just previously he was somewhat passive and self-conscious.

Jordan Lewers:

It would've been great if the characters had follow-through action after the bodyguard appeared, but solid work!