Final Rating: 5.85. Finished 21 out of 118 entries.

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Animator: Ebrahim Karimi

Description: always we need to learn no matter where you are or what you are
a simple worker ask something from his workman but he just give an advice ... learn more
it is my first test with maya so i had a lot problems and i still have a lot to learn

Experience: 6 years

Time taken: 80 hours


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syrus johnson:

u over did it

Zack Y.:

Good animation, I especially love the emotion from the worker. Something to look at in the background would be nice though. Great job, keep it up!

Clara Myers:

Acting feels a bit off.

Karl Pontau:

Mouth doesn't match tone of voice. Mevements are jerky.

Morteza Rakhtaala:

oooohhh it is great

Christoph Lendenfeld:

really like the acting but they open their mouth so far at "a" that it looks like they are screaming at each other

Tari Mack:

The blond character's head moves too quickly a couple of times during frames 238-320. I really like the bearded character's animation throughout though.

Abdurrahman Zhukov:

Good work!