Final Rating: 6.83. Finished 5 out of 118 entries.

8,185 views including the voting period.


Animator: Richard Plata

Description: A desperate fella searching for the ultimate drug experience

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Zack Y.:

There's a lot of emotion in the characters, good job.

Clara Myers:

I loved the movement of the characters here, especially the bobbing of the hat on the second person on the "a lot to learn." Style was intriguing and caught my eye. It sort of reminds me of Gravity Falls. The only spot I'd say needs work is the very beginning when the first guy starts talking. It feels a little too fast? Anyway, great job!

Tari Mack:

Nice character design and animation! I hate to even mention this, but my only complaint is the mouth shape at 203 seems weird. If this is a drug distributor handing out the next batch of drugs for sale to a dealer of his, then this is a cool story too.


This animation was very nice. The movements of the character in the hood are very believable and readable poses are pluses. The first characters eyebrows seem to move quickly in the beginning. Also sometimes the hooded characters hands are both moving at the same time and doing different things so that can be distracting because I dont know where to look. Good job!