Final Rating: 3.30. Finished 100 out of 118 entries.

375 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sebastian Alandro Fernandez Vasquez

Description: This animation is about two friends talking and drinking in the bar.But one friend is slightly more drunk than the other.

Experience: 3 years study "Digital Animation"

Time taken: one week


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Amanda Davis:


Karl Pontau:

Characters don't sound drunk. Some of the movements are unclear.

Clara Myers:

Crazy fun movement, but give the audience one movement to focus on! They both move a lot, and that creates a competition for the viewer's attention.

Jasmine Keith:

Too many poses and too floaty. Try filming yourself acting out the dialogue before animating next time and I think you could improve a lot. I see potential in this.

Tari Mack:

When both characters are moving all the time like this, and at a pretty consistent rate, the animation feels floaty like they're underwater or in space. Drunk people do move around a lot, but you have to learn when to hold and when to move; when the red man face plants at 168, he's still moving his fingers and he's right back up so quickly. He should stay down for the rest of the time I think. 114 - 180, where the red man is Anticipating his fall, is nice. 126 - 198 the green man's right hand is in the air unnaturally not really doing anything.