Final Rating: 5.05. Finished 43 out of 118 entries.

340 views including the voting period.


Animator: Debayan Das

Description: A man seems to lure by Satan's promise to get knowledge and good life. Did he finally get it?

Experience: Some years

Time taken: 5 days


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Clara Myers:

Nice twist!

Cezar De Almeida Johansson:

All in all workable. Feels like several pieces stitched together, so a disjointed feeling with it. The last bit which is the crescendo is the weakest. Reaction feels too even in timing and spacing.

Christoph Lendenfeld:

i really like the devil character, but you need a bit more anticipation when he first uses his power. It felt like the bottle moved on its own and not because of devils magic powers.
And then you can let him play with this power a bit more because I think it's really cool :)

Ruud Harbers:

Not bad at all! I didn't get the punch line as the bottle is too small to read what it contains.

Grace Galarosa:

I like the sip and tasting portion, some of the pronunciation on the dialogue animation seems over-exaggerated. I like the twist at the end but I missed it the first time I watched, if there's a way you can make it more noticeable that would be good!