Final Rating: 3.34. Finished 96 out of 118 entries.

301 views including the voting period.


Animator: Elsueño

Description: A bad guys kill someone,but he may be more carefully......

Experience: 6MONTH

Time taken: 1month


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Karl Pontau:

I don't get the story. Why is the guy with blue pants on the ground again? Movements lack weight.

Tari Mack:

The action that's happening on frames 59-70 is too way fast and looks unnatural arcs-wise. 100-310 have strong poses for the characters, but need more finesse. The final pose for the leather jacket character is awkward. Story-wise, I get that there's a murder that's happened, but are these two rival assassins? A student and teacher? I'm not sure.


Sometimes, especially on the greaser, his hands and arms will be moving but that wont effect the torso. Also just check the arcs. And when the lighter hair guy moves into the other shot, he's moving really fast. It feels like he would fall over if he was moving that fast.