Final Rating: 4.23. Finished 68 out of 118 entries.

332 views including the voting period.


Animator: James H

Description: Superheroes don't start their career being amazing and superb, everyone has to start at the bottom, some just aren't as good as others though...

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 2-3 days


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Tari Mack:

The story is good and clear, but the character animation is mostly stiff. The lip synch in the first shot is off. Frames 197 - 234 are the nicest moment of character animation.

Clara Myers:

I loved that you acknowledged the music with the little floating character! That's the first time I've seen an entry play around with that aspect

Jasmine Keith:

Clear style and clean lines but overly simple animation/movement.

Tari Mack:

The story and character design is nice and clear. The character animation though is really limited and stiff though. The lip synch is off in the first shot. Frames 201-236 have a strong facial expression.