Final Rating: 3.77. Finished 83 out of 118 entries.

300 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nathaniel Litvintchouk

Description: A man with some problems in his life see's a psychiatrist. The meeting is going well. However, he is about to receive some bad news in the form of a huge bill.

Experience: Several years

Time taken: About a week


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Jean Lamy:

Nice idea, but could've been executed better. Lip-sync is off in parts. The shapes don't match.

Karl Pontau:

Chair Guy's movements need eases and overlapping action. His movements stop very suddenly and all seem like separate actions. His opening poses also don't seem natural. I'd lower the clipboard and change the arm movement at the end of shot 01. The patient looks away from the doctor in the second shot instead of towards him. The patient sitting up looks good, definitely has good easing,. I don't ever see the two characters make eye contact. The lip sync looks great up until "A lot to learn." The mouth and jaw moves too much giving a puppet-like effect. I like the premise of your scene.

Keep working! This has potential.