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How someone can be a theif

by Mehdi Hadi

Final Rating: 4.38. Finished 63 out of 118 entries.

355 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mehdi Hadi

Description: Earning experience is important even for a thief!!

Experience: 1 year!!

Time taken: 28 days-part time


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Jean Lamy:

Something in this clip gives a dull feel to it. It might be because of how little they are moving. Perhaps it would've been best if voice 1 were interacting and speaking instead of just staying practically still.

The poses need to be more dynamic as well.

syrus johnson:

its good just don't get the plot.


Some anticipation and buildup of visual energy would be nice to make these characters a little more believable. Its a good story. You can see what the characters are thinking. Also the guy with the hat on could move his hands on the table because right now his right hand never moves and it feels nailed down