Final Rating: 5.20. Finished 40 out of 118 entries.

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Animator: Pravin

Description: A Conman/Love guru as usual trying his new catch at Bar.

Experience: 5

Time taken: 5 Days


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syrus johnson:

real good animation


frame 209-230 head is too much squash and stretch...

Keith Sizemore:

Everything looks great. A few notes mainly. The inhale should have been held longer with the look up and then released a little bit over the dialogue, but then once the true exhale comes is the drop. Staging could be better. The drink at the beginning overlapping the characters face is distracting and doesn't serve a purpose to the dialogue. It would achieve the same effect if it were to the side a little more if it's meant to sell the idea it's his. The full side profile of the orange shirt character could be tweaked to a 3/4 and be more appealing. Practice your phonemes. Not all of them line up with the proper shapes. Especially the "to learn" part. You should push a pucker on 'to' and relax the jaw and widen to a relaxed mouth for 'learn'.


The poses of the guy in the orange shirt are especially nice. The lip sync is a bit off and I think some more subtle mouth shapes would help that take shape.

Sarah Caisley:

Really nice acting! Maybe take another pass on the lipsync though. Sometimes it looks as though they're opening they're mouths way to wide. Maybe scale it back a little