Final Rating: 6.54. Finished 9 out of 118 entries.

1,754 views including the voting period.


Animator: shinshinpas

Description: hi

Experience: 4year

Time taken: 1week


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Amanda Davis:

nice expression!!!

syrus johnson:

lol good animation tho

Jasmine Keith:

Your animation is all very fluid! Try some more overlapping action and maybe make your poses more intentional to add more interest.

Jordan Lewers:

Solid animation, but I'm trying to understand the purpose of the remote. With the way the light flickers, it looks like they're outside by a fire or something, so I don't see how the remote it necessary

Yegane Moghaddam:

Woaaaah! I'm just at a loss for words!
Your choice to end it that way is gonna earn you a one digit ranking.
Respectable acting by the way.