Final Rating: 6.53. Finished 10 out of 118 entries.

1,610 views including the voting period.


Animator: Wojtek Pankowski

Description: It's good to have a friend in a moment like this..

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 2 weeks in my free time


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Lauren McKinley:

I love your animation! But personally, I feel like the lip sync on the character doesn't match the voice, it seems like it's for someone that has more of an accent.

syrus johnson:

very good lighting

Karl Pontau:

mouth too pursed. jaw tilt is too severe.


Cool :D Keep up good work!

Thomas Thoma:

Nicely done. Only thing that bothers me is his chin rotation.


This animation is solid. The main character's expressions feel believable. Subtle movements really bring this character alive. Mouth shapes feel like they could use a little more work but overall this character feels real!

Abdurrahman Zhukov:

awesome bro!

Jordan Lewers:

There is a LOT to like about this piece, and I love the subtle head and eye movements you put in! The one thing I would suggest is tighten up the lip sync, and we have a contender for top 10!

Sarah Caisley:

Nice subtle facial expressions here! Might be good to have another look at where his eyes are looking. Feels like he could look at his partner a little earlier the first time, and seems as though he's staring at nothing towards the end.