Final Rating: 3.90. Finished 106 out of 177 entries.

471 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jason Cobble

Description: She dreams of her castle in the clouds that will take away her sadness.

Experience: 3 Months

Time taken: 1.5 weeks


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Michael Launder:

good touch with animating her hair shapes, Also with lip synchs work on your ups and downs first. if you nail ups and downs and then the wides and narrows of the lips your lip synch will skyrocket in quality. after those two things you'll be really close! put your hand underneath your chin and say the words in the shot. you'll be able to count how often your chin hits your hand and that can give you your timing and number of openings that the mouth will do!

Poornachander Adepu:

concept was good but needed to act more

Bryan Stone:


Seo Ryong Jaw:

can't understand why she is holding balloon on the sky..
and physics are not really applied

Dominic Rayner:

She is strong to hang on like that with no effort