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Pencil Test by Werner

by Werner

Final Rating: 6.51. Finished 11 out of 177 entries.

2,238 views including the voting period.


Animator: Werner

Description: A crying little girl

Experience: four years as an character animator studying

Time taken: five days to finish it


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Jim P:

we may have a winner.

Rannva Macdonald Arnskov:

Really lovely! It's simple but powerful, especially the mouth shape and the secondary action of the hair.

Michael Launder:

well done! great project!

Poornachander Adepu:

wow! nice presentation! but its not completed yet! needed more polish your animation! orally its so good!

Zeeshan Karimi:

Love it! Keep up the great work!

J.K. Riki:

Really nice job! Clean, but rough enough to show the artist's hand (which I prefer in a 2D entry). Your poses were nice, but generally the flow just really made the piece. Great job on consistency, too. Really nice! I would watch a full short/show in your style here. :) Hope to see more entries in future months from you!

Bryan Stone:

Simple but very effective 2D animation.

Kristopher Kendall:

I love the style!

Lidiya Azhar:

I don't know why but this character reminds me a little bit of that girl from Secret of Kells. Anyways, lovely animation and expressions!