Final Rating: 6.02. Finished 27 out of 177 entries.

727 views including the voting period.


Animator: di siervo anthony

Description: A Small girl trying to overcome her parent's loss.

Experience: 0 - 1 Year

Time taken: 7 Working days


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Jim P:

i get it! mr fredricksons long lost kid. you should have more references to UP.

Noyan Özkan:

ahahahah shit, now thats unexpected.

Michael Launder:

great work with the eyes!

Poornachander Adepu:

little more fine tune needed! avoid a jerk at "not allowed"
anyway nice act

Dominic Rayner:

Reasonably well animated. The trouble with musical acting is that it's timing is different to normal acting. It's another skillset to master. The entries I saw so far float through the dialogue and action too much. Few seem to grasp it. You have her getting up and looking at the floor during a line which ought to be delivered to the camera. The changes in postion add interest without being either neccessary or unneccessay. Well done however, it's a decent effort, but pay attention to the hands as well, it seems a bit busy there.

Bryan Stone:

Excellent Idea, animation, emotion!

Shark Bait:

nice, i would make her blink less often though, and make the blinks longer