Final Rating: 5.40. Finished 41 out of 177 entries.

643 views including the voting period.


Animator: Andre Nunes

Description: Mery playing his favorite sad song.

Experience: 3D Animator freelancer

Time taken: 4 days


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Jim P:

your piano sounds like a flute :-)

Melanie Fumey:

Nice animation :) Just very funny to see Mery playing piano when there is'nt any in the music. Would have been more credible if she had played harp :p

Michael Launder:

feels great! love the cameras here as well!-

Bryan Stone:

First couple of Camera cuts work, but the last cut doesn't seem to fit with the pace.

Dominic Rayner:

Nice effort but would be great if her face wasn't hidden at the start. Piano hands quite nice but would be playing acompanyment I guess,. They hit the keyboard as if the piano follows the vocal