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My Daughter made me feel better

by nabil

Final Rating: 3.25. Finished 149 out of 177 entries.

479 views including the voting period.


Animator: nabil

Description: Mother crying behind the door but after she listened to her daughter singing to calm her down she got emotional and felt better.

Experience: 15 month (practicing)

Time taken: 10 Days (45 Hour)


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Robert Firestone:

It looks like she has a mustache.

Hugo Daniel Gamboa:

I imagine the girls is singing through the door, but the whole exercise is to actually do the lip sync. Try implementing that next time.

Kristopher Kendall:

I'm a bit confused here. Who is singing? Is she singing in her head?

Michael Launder:

great body movement, you do a good job in holding your key poses which a lot of people have problems with! and they eyes have good life to them as well! up next is the lip synch, I like to think about it this way. First are your opens and closed shapes. if you hit every one of those (dont worry about anything else) you'll be about 75% perfect with lip synch, then if you have time you can do wides and narrows, at that point your lip synch will be about 90% complete!

Abu naseem:

Very Good Mr Hakem (*_^)

Bryan Stone:

Is she thinking? Needs something more to make it more interesting.

Dominic Rayner:

Marked you down because you hide his face at the start and only do expressions not lipsynch. Quite good expressions half way.