Final Rating: 4.63. Finished 56 out of 173 entries.

328 views including the voting period.


Animator: Robinson Aguilera

Description: Girl doesn't like what her teddy had to say

Experience: 2 years of study

Time taken: full 4 weeks


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David Hendrix Shovlin:

The fact that she's floating up off the bed bothers me quite a bit. That foot should move a little.

Amartya Mukherji:

Needs a lot of improvement

Michal Nowacki:

very nice and dinamic

Benjamin Berg:

The little guy on the right looks alright however the left character feels like she is moving too much or feels too jerky. Maybe adding some polish might help but this shot needs a lot of work.

Yurika Nishi-Imai:

Love her exaggerated poses; some movements looked a little jerky or too fast (like when she says "down" on "I don't need to settle down) I definitely think you nailed the animation on the doll; a little bit of me wishes we could see his expressions more.
A+ on concept! Excellent work!

Jassmany Diaz-Butron:

mechaniiiiiics u need. ^^ "
good work though !