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Carrie... You're not yourself...

by Benoit.VINCENT

Final Rating: 4.98. Finished 41 out of 173 entries.

504 views including the voting period.


Animator: Benoit.VINCENT

Description: Saul is concerned about Carrie's health status but she doesn't want to understand.

Experience: Four years

Time taken: About two weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Alex Sepel:

i believe adding sounds is not allowed


I would say that your animation has really good timing and pace and the acting is good. BUT I think that it does break some rules(?).
" Don't edit the sound file (beyond adding silence before/after if needed)."


altered audio? Not allowed!

Deven Ramesh Bhosale:

good but i don't think you can add sound effects..

Andy Cheung:

the reaction is nice at the end on the female char and some generally good facial expressions. absolutely no need for the techno audio overlay.

Antonio Colomba:

not allowed to change the audio, I scored you very low as a result sorry, otherwise maybe 3+ stars

Enrico Westley:

Nice! Except for the fact that the guy is pretty much still for the entire shot :/


interesting... like her moves "Of course I'm"