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Animator: Ali Abdulsada Jabbar

Description: Is a dialogue between two people, one of them is trying to deceive the other character mastered representation .

Experience: I've three months in training on Maya animation

Time taken: it's take a 11 days in a 7 hours as an average


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Enrico Westley:

This one was really entertaining --that smirk at the end was funny. I was confused though, because "Saul" is a guy right? I dunno, but this piece needs more love.

Jassmany Diaz-Butron:

tape yourself playing the scene. ^^ "
is acting. And it needs rigth body mechanics. the acting choices could be right. but yeah mechanics is everithing, before acting. Try to tape yourself, and analyse ur movement. It would give believability to your shot ! Nice work in all the cases !