Final Rating: 3.98. Finished 82 out of 173 entries.

288 views including the voting period.


Animator: Prasit Das

Description: This is my first try in animation.. Hope you guys like it!! Enjoy....

Experience: still learning

Time taken: 17 days


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Adam Sirrelle:

Something to think about is what is driving the body. For this i'd say the head. Try having the eyes moving at least 1 frame ahead of the head and the head 2 frames ahead of the body/upper torso. This'll give the movement more force, focus, and direction.
Also I feel like the eyeline is too low down for the character she's looking at. It might be that the head needs to be tilted higher.

Bryan Stone:

Nice setting, smooth movement, even movement of the head and limbs.

Elizabeth Harding:

from 93-105 she looks like she freezes and her end mouth pose looks a little odd.

Deven Ramesh Bhosale:

better one..

i feel, you could have add one cam cut for souls act..
the carrie name feellike an girls name but if you hear a sound of it, it is a boy's voice what i feel..

best of luck...

Enrico Westley:

Feels a bit floaty, but the lighting is a bit interesting.

Sarah Johnson:

Work on pushing your facial expressions more. The lighting makes it difficult to see what's happening.


What is the reason for so dark scene ?