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Animator: mary porter

Description: This is a 2d flash animation, the back grounds were painted in sketch book pro. Its the conversation between 'three' caterpillars, where one is having issues coming to terms with a change.

Experience: Im in my second year studying and animation BA

Time taken: this took me about a week to animate, with a few days before of planning.


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J.K. Riki:

Nice concept and fun designs and layout, the animation was just a little too limited. You might consider taking a step back from rendering, color, and background painting and focus on just the movement and getting things very loose and alive. Often working loose is the real key to great 2D animation! Good luck, keep at it! :)


Ha ha what a scenario... I get it why you do not want to show Voice One character in full to make your point at the end... You don't show a lot of lip sync & why not if it works & your concept requires it ... I like the surprising ending... a great idea well orchestrated as well... like it...if you used better some of animation principles it would look much smoother not so stiff ...but it worked if you wanted to tell a short story without putting a lot of work into it ... wonder how long took you to do it

Benjamin Berg:

Not really much animation but I do like the drawings.

Tobias Fuhr:

the poses are weak and i don't understand why just the eye moves when she said 'Tell him!'.