Final Rating: 2.41. Finished 158 out of 173 entries.

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Animator: Samuel McDonald

Description: For my Animation course at Staffs Uni

Experience: some

Time taken: a few days off and on


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Bryan Stone:

Looks like the focus was mainly on lip-sync only. simple but uninteresting.

Enrico Westley:

There's not that much animation being done, and none of the characters are appealing.


I like simplicity of it ... I'm sure we had had a similar manner of animation just with strokes in Dec' 2014
but the another was done better. Not easy to show a lot with less (btw that's been all my dream to do it
with less) I applaud your effort

J.K. Riki:

I'd suggest not even thinking about lip sync until you get some solid forms really flowing nicely and your main poses nailed down. Right now this feels in the animatic stage, and at that stage you don't want to do any lip sync. That can come later. But keep at it, because this is a good start to a long, exciting process! :)

Benjamin Berg:

Not much animation here.